New Mom Blog

Six months ago I left my cozy Midwestern hometown and art museum marketing career to support my new husband in his career in the Gulf Coast city of Houston, Texas. Showing up to our small inner Loop apartment with the cat, a potted fig tree, and a car full of clothes, we set about finding our new normal in the fourth largest city in the United States. I was also nine weeks pregnant with our first kid.

For loads of reasons (no established support network, my earning potential against cost of daycare, probable separation anxiety on my part), we decided that I’d stay home with Baby for about a year.

I’ve spent this pregnancy learning about and adjusting to being a homemaker in an ever-growing body, and now Baby is due to make her arrival in six weeks!

James Turrell, "Twilight Epiphany," Rice University, Houston, TX

Momtown Mayor in her new city of Houston, TX

This “new mom blog” is my attempt to make sense of these major life changes: living in a new city with a new husband, new baby, and a new role as “Stay-at-Home-Mom.” I know it won’t be easy, and I also know I have no idea. But I’m patient, have a weird sense of humor, and make a mean banana bread. Welcome to Momtown!


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