She Fell Off the Couch

Well, it happened. My nearly-four-month-old baby fell off the couch for the first time two days ago, and I’m still replaying it in my mind every few hours. I always knew it would happen — babies fall all the time — but a first-time parent is never prepared for it. That thump you hear when you’re not looking, the split-second confusion as you look at the empty spot where your baby should be, and the piercing scream that immediately follows. It’s horrible. But of course, everyone you tell has a similar, or worse, story to relate, and they all seem to say the same thing: “This is the first of many. You’ll get used to it.” Will I?

I’m thankful I wasn’t home alone with her when it happened–it was a Sunday and my husband was home (and therefore just as much at fault)–and overjoyed that all she suffered was a split lip and a red chin.

Thing is, I figured it would take a fall before we stopped putting the play mat on the couch for her to rest. More accurately, I figured she’d roll over one day and roll off the couch. And then I’d kick myself for not putting the play mat on the floor sooner. But she isn’t rolling over yet, so I thought we had more time. Instead, I’m kicking myself for just not putting her far enough back on the couch so she couldn’t wiggle off. Whatever. Same difference, at the end of the day. I’m kicking myself.

So, lesson learned. And even though I can barely look at her play mat without replaying the incident and feeling a little queasy, I’m now extra vigilant about putting her on it–regardless of what surface is underneath. Until she falls again. Because she will. UGH.


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